Lynn Haney – Product Management and Software Development Leader: Worked together at SecureW2 and Cloudpath Networks

I had the good fortune to work directly with Jeff at SecureW2 and Cloudpath Networks during all stages of sales engagements. What I appreciate most about him is his focus on the customer. Jeff understands value and has mastered the art of relationship selling.

Mark Shin – Sr. Network Development Solutions Engineering Executive: Worked together at Cloudpath Networks

Jeff possesses a keen understanding of technical sales and market forces. His solid focus on product features and technical differentiation allows for a unmatched contribution both to the sales team as well as corporate strategic goals. He is real pleasure to work along side.

Oscar Reyna – Enterprise Account Executive at Cosential: Worked together at Cloudpath Networks

Jeff is not only exceptional at qualifying and finding solutions for each customer, he is also a top notch closer. I would recommend him to any company looking to grow their sales.

Aaron McHugh – Business Development at Kalibrate: Worked for at PriceAdvantage

Jeff is a solid player. His work ethic is a combination of high output with reliable effort. He has transformed his sales career over the past two years. He is very comfortable leading prospective customers through a sophisticated enterprise sales process.

Michael Johnson – Director of Sales: Worked for at PriceAdvantage

Jeff Grimm was one of the most dedicated professionals through his work at PriceAdvantage. Highly motivated and energetic professional. Experienced employee with a great skill to analyze and summarize sales opportunities. Works towards maximal customer satisfaction. His open-minded approach could not be overestimated. Jeff is a responsible perfectionist with boundless energy. I can recommend Jeff as a person with great experience and deep selling skills. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Jeff Grimm is your man!

John Cox – Denver Sales Manager –  Integra Business: Worked together at PriceAdvantage

Jeff Grimm is a one of a kind employee. He truly epitomizes the term enterprise solution provider and it has truly been a unique learning experience working with him so far. Jeff is both aggressive and personable. Jeff’s ability to understand prospects needs and move customers along the sales cycle is one of the best I have seen. He possesses a rare blend of clinical knowledge, technical understanding and excellent sales ability. Jeff is often the bar by which other sales people are measured at PriceAdvantage. Because of his vast knowledge of the software industry and its many markets, he was frequently relied upon as a consultant to the company. Because of this he was included in many committees with Upper Management, which has molded the company’s direction. His sales skills and leadership abilities make him a pleasure to work with.

Jennifer Elting – Corporate Marketing at NEC Corporation: Worked together at PriceAdvantage

It is an honor to work with Jeff as he truly understands his customers’ business needs and goals. He creates loyalty with his customers by providing them with an excellent level of comfort and confidence in their buying experience, encouraging a successful partnership for many years to come. Jeff’s success and leadership will continue due to his persistence and understanding of the industry and his customer.

Chris Teague – Senior Enterprise Data Sales at Acxiom: Worked together at Acxiom

I worked with Jeff for several years at Acxiom and was always impressed with his professionalism. Jeff brought immediate results by closing several new deals and he continued to be an overachiever throughout his tenure. He is tenacious, driven and a quick learner, Jeff is a self starter that is creative in achieving goals without the need to micro manage. Jeff would be an asset to any organization and I highly recommend him.

Gary Cummings – Account Executive at TransUnion: Worked together at Acxiom

Jeff is one of the best sales reps I’ve worked with. He is very customer focused, works exceptionally well with all levels of a customer’s organization and performed very consistently quarter over quarter.

Sharif Youssef – CEO of Apollobit: Worked together at Acxiom

Jeff is a driven and business minded professional that excels in taking complex client needs and breaking them down to simplified solutions to develop the trust and quick wins needed with customers and businesses today. He is a player that anyone would want to have on their team.

Dan Johnson – NCR Analyst – CIAC: Worked together at Acxiom

Jeff is a conscientious and professional sales executive who listened to the customer’s needs and provided them with excellent service. In addition, he provided those needs to the product management team for consideration of new products or applications. I enjoyed Jeff’s outgoing attitude and sense of humor.

Michael Dores – President – Mike Dores Investigations & MDI Verify: Customer at Acxiom

Jeff was Merlin’s salesrep Acxiom. He did a great job representing us and our needs. Jeff is extremely responsive and very customer service oriented. It was always a pleasure working with him.

Jeremy Quinn – Account Executive at Denovo: Worked together at Acxiom

Jeff is a results oriented sales work horse. He is dedicated to the sales process and a true team player. I worked with Jeff for three years, I would absolutely recommend Jeff and would welcome him on my sales team anytime.

Jeanie Armstrong – Senior Executive Sales Consultant Acxiom: Worked together at Acxiom

Jeff was pleasure to work with at Acxiom. He was dedicated to his clients and dedicated to bringing in new business. Jeff had great follow through and was able to lead well thought out conversations. I would recommend Jeff for any company that is looking to hire someone who can hit the ground running and be a top producer.

Andrew Constantinides – Kroll Ontrack – Manager, Business Development: Worked together at LexisNexis

Jeff was always a professional when it came to his clients. The client’s needs came first and he did everything in his power to make that happen. Clients were very happy with the service he provided. He was a great peer to work alongside and was always a team player!

Scott Walters – Cloud Partner Development at Mitel: Worked together at InterCall

In over two years of working with Jeff and MSHOW and InterCall following our acquisition, I was consistently impressed with his dedication and work ethic. Both internally and with customers, Jeff continually brought fresh, effective ideas to the team and showed solid results in both revenue generation and good relationships with key customers. I enthusiastically recommend Jeff as a great addition to any sales or professional team.

Mike Parish – Commercial Services Manager at DocuSign: Worked together at LexisNexis

Jeff is a model of drive and attention to detail. His focus to detail positions him to consistently exceed his customer’s expectations. His focus will make him successful in any venture he chooses.

Mark A. Roberts – Experienced Sr. Sales Executive in information technology, Entrepreneur and Investor: Worked together at LexisNexis

Jeff was always one of the sales leaders and was eager to share his time and knowledge. Jeff has an outstanding work ethic and has a unique ability to develop customer relationships that lead to clients coming to him first when they have any need. They trust his ability to provide solutions and make recommendations. Any organization in which Jeff is involved will greatly benefit from his loyalty, knowledge, and sales experience.

Robyn Burkes – Strategic Product Sales-Collaboration/Spark at Cisco: Worked for at InterCall

Jeff is a true sales professional. He is driven, responsive to customer needs and focused on delivering results. Jeff is not only extremely knowledgeable on company products but he is always willing to roll up his sleeves to find the solution to complex problems. Jeff is an asset to any organization.